Frequently Asked Questions

Shaping the Future of Vertical Mobility

We install platform wheelchair lifts for both residential and commercial use, Residential lifts that can be either internal or external up to 3 levels, Commercial disability lifts to 3 levels.

We source our lifts from 3 different companies to offer our clients the best the Lift market has to offer. We use Aussie Lifts from Queensland, Barduva Lift from Lithuania and Vestner Lifts from New Zealand.

Lifts4life offer a free non-obligation design and consultation service including advice on the correct lift for your needs and positioning of the lift to save on additional building cost. Simply call 1800 69 5438 or email us [email protected]

Yes, our NDIS registration number is 17574492. 

Every 6 months for a commercial lift and every 12 months for a residential lift

Generally, you will need a builder and electrician. All Lifts 4 life quotations include a list of building works to be undertaken by others.

Yes, all our commercial lifts are fully compliant, and NSW Design registered.

All our lift can easily fit a standard wheelchair and most electric wheelchairs. The lift car size can be increased to accommodate a larger wheelchair.