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Making Access Easy With Custom Built Lifts

Swedish-Designed Lifts for Homes & Public Spaces in Sydney, Illawarra, Shoalhaven, and Beyond

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We specialise in designing custom lifts

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We supply lifts that meet diverse needs

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Our skilled technicians handle the installation

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We ensure longevity and optimal performance

Lifts For Life

Redefining Mobility Across NSW and the ACT

Experience the ease and elegance of moving through your home or workplace with Lifts for Life. Our lifts aren’t just functional; they’re beautifully designed and can be customised to fit both your personal needs and budget. It’s about bringing convenience and luxury together, tailored specifically for you.

We don’t just help you move between floors. We aim to change how you perceive space, whether it’s in your home or workplace. Welcome to a new era of accessibility, where every floor is a destination of comfort and style.

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Kalea Lifts

Australia's Premier Supplier of Award-Winning Kalea Lifts

At Lifts for Life, we’re all about making homes and businesses more accessible and enjoyable for everyone. Our approach combines simple yet effective commercial and residential lift solutions with top-quality products and a team that’s passionate and well-trained.

We’re doers and tinkerers at heart, always on the lookout for the finest in lift technology. That’s why we’ve chosen to partner with industry leaders like Kalea Lifts and Tech Line Lifts, known for their exceptional quality, design, and customisability.

As a family-run business, we believe in growth, learning, and innovation. Our team is more than just employees; they’re explorers and developers, growing with us every step of the way as we strive to make every building we touch a more welcoming and accessible place.

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Breaking Barriers, Building Freedom

Here at Lifts for Life, we’re dedicated to making every home and public area accessible for all, regardless of mobility needs. As proud partners with the NDIS, we focus on creating custom solutions that fit perfectly into your space, offering both style and functionality.

Our commercial and residential lifts in Sydney do more than ease movement; they’re investments in freedom and inclusivity, enhancing both the value of your property and the quality of life for its inhabitants. At Lifts for Life, we’re not just installing technology; we’re forging a more inclusive world, true to the spirit of the NDIS.

Complete Lift Solutions

Enhancing Homes and Businesses with Style and Precision


We specialise in designing custom lifts that fit seamlessly into your home or commercial space. Our designs incorporate Swedish efficiency and aesthetics, ensuring each lift is a perfect match for its intended environment.


Our range includes high-quality, Swedish-designed screw-driven and telescopic lifts known for their reliability and style. We supply lifts that meet diverse needs and spaces.


Our skilled technicians handle the installation process from start to finish, ensuring that your lift is set up safely and efficiently, adhering to the highest standards.


To ensure longevity and optimal performance, we provide comprehensive maintenance services, exclusively for the lifts we sell. This focus allows us to deliver exceptional aftercare and support.

Lifts For Life

Lifts We Offer

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Home Lifts

Imagine stepping into a lift that feels like it was made just for your home. That’s what our Enclosed Platform and Cabin Lifts are all about. Designed with a touch of Swedish elegance, they’re not just lifts; they’re a part of your home’s charm. 

Easy to install without major changes, these home lifts are perfect for adding both value and a whole new level of accessibility to your living space.

Commercial Lifts

Think of a lift that handles the bustling demands of a business or a public building with ease. Our Enclosed Cabin Lifts and Open Platform models are just that. They’re built tough but with a style that complements your space.

Ideal for places where lifts are more than just a convenience, these commercial lifts are a statement of how you value safety, efficiency, and good design.

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Wheelchair Lifts

Accessibility should be seamless, and that’s what we aim for with our Open Platform Lifts. Including options specially designed for wheelchair users, these lifts make sure everyone has easy access, no matter the setting. 

Whether it’s home wheelchair lifts or for business uses, our lifts ensure that every corner is welcoming and accessible.

Lifts For Life

The Lifts for Life Difference Explained

Wondering what makes us stand out? Here are the reasons that make our commercial and personal home lifts in Canberra and Sydney are more than just a step up:

Superior Quality and Style

Think of our Swedish-designed lifts as the perfect blend of minimalist beauty and practicality. They're not just about looking good – they bring a touch of simple elegance to your space while boosting both its functionality and value. It's style and efficiency, seamlessly combined.

Customised Solutions

Personalised home lift designs to meet your unique home or business needs.

Professional Installation & Support

Expert installation and dedicated after-sales service for ongoing reliability and peace of mind.

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Safety and Reliability

Commitment to top-tier safety standards, ensuring a secure and dependable mobility solution.

Value Enhancement

Our residential and commercial lifts not only improve accessibility but also add significant value to your property.

Trusted Relationships

We always put our customers first, building our approach on trust, transparency, and the development of long-term relationships.

Take the Next Step Up with Lifts for Life!

Envisioning a space that’s more accessible, stylish, and functional? Let’s bring that vision to life. Contact us now to discover how our home lifts in Sydney and Canberra can enhance your daily living.

Whether it’s the elegance of residential lifts in a private home or the practicality of in house lifts for commercial properties, Lifts for Life is your partner in effortless mobility and enhanced living.


What Our Customers Say

Likud and the team are an absolute delight to work with. Many excellent products are available to suit all sorts of needs!
Pete Pahos
Pete Pahos
From day one that we had the lift installed this company has been brilliant. And today Boxing Day of all days they still sent someone out this morning when the lift just wouldn’t operate. Being in a wheelchair and so reliant on the lift every day I am so grateful. Thank you sincerely Lifts for Life.
Phil & Paula Smith
Phil & Paula Smith
Great Communication, Honest local owner and friendly staff.
Garry G
Garry G