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Lift Buyer’s Guide


If you are looking to buy a lift, you may find the project a bit daunting at first.

However, regardless of whether you are purchasing a lift for your home, workplace, business or public building, the process is the same, and our Lift Buyer’s Guide below explains it all in 8 easy steps.

step 1 how to buy a lift


If you are preparing to buy a lift, you know that there are a lot of things to think about. We have created a list of questions to help you prioritise and find a lift solution that is perfect for your needs.
  1. Is your lift intended for public, commercial, or private use?
  2. How many floors will the lift serve?
  3. How many people will the lift need to carry?
  4. Will your lift need to accommodate a wheelchair?
  5. Where would you like to place the lift?
  6. What is the available space for the lift (width x depth)?
  7. What is the floor-to-ceiling headroom on the top floor?
  8. What style and colour would you like for your lift?
  9. How big is your lift budget?

 If you have very little space to install a lift, the smallest size of our range can fit in a floor space of just 1m2. If you still cannot find find enough room, our outdoor lift is a great option.


It is always wise to get professional advice early on when you want to invest in a lift.

Contact us to book a free lift consultation. Our staff are trained to advise you on the best lift model, configuration and placement to suit your needs.

TIP: Book a face-to-face meeting (in person or online). If the meeting takes place on the installation site we can check and measure the available space for your lift, if you meet in one of our showrooms you get the opportunity to see and try out our lifts.

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This is the stage in the lift purchasing process when you should not only focus on what you need but also on what you want.

If you think that a certain colour would look match your interior design to perfection, or that a glazed shaft would make the room look airy and bright, go for it! A lift is a long-term investment that will last for many years, so the design choices you make will last for a long time too.

Use our design tool from our European manufacturer, the Kalea Lift Configurator to try out different colours and materials for your lift!

TIP: Also think about what features and options you may need to maximise the comfort of your lift. If you are buying a lift for a public or commercial building, certain accessibility standards may apply. Contact us for more information.


The purchase price of your lift will depend on the lift model, your design choices, and the number of floors the lift needs to serve.

We will provide you with a quotation and lift drawings. At the quotation stage, you can still make changes if you need to add or remove features to make the lift specification match the requirements and cost that you have budgeted for.

TIP: Check with us what the lift price includes. Transport and installation costs are generally included, but the construction work required to adapt the building for the lift is sometimes quoted separately.

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When you have agreed on a final lift specification and price, the time has come to approve the order and drawings.

We will send the approved order to our lift factory and the manufacturing will start. Your lift dealer takes care of everything, you do not have to handle any dealings with the factory.

TIP: Make sure that you take the time to double-check the specification and drawings before order approval. When your lift is in production, any changes or additions may add extra charges and increase delivery time.


If it has not been done earlier in the process, it is time for the us to pay you a visit to take measurements and check out the installation site.

This is a last verification to make sure that everything is as it should be before you get your final lift price and place your order.

Installing a lift generally requires planning permission. Check with your local authorities or talk to your Kalea dealer to find out what administrative measures are necessary.

TIP: Platform lifts are extremely space-efficient and require very little construction work. Our platform lifts come with a ready-made shaft in steel or glass so that you do not need to build your own lift shaft unless you really want to.

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We organise the transport and delivery, so you do not need to worry about anything. You just need to agree on the dates of delivery and installation.

Provided that the building site is properly prepared, a lift by serving 2 floors will only take 2-4 days to install.

CE Certification & Safety Check

All of our lifts are CE type certified by the notified body and compliant with all relevant Safety Standards. To ensure that your lift is fully compliant, our installer will always perform a complete safety check after installation.


In most countries, a lift inspection by a third party is mandatory for lifts in public and commercial buildings, and in some countries also for lifts in private homes.

The lift inspection is booked by Lifts For Life. If a lift inspection is required, the lift must not be used before the inspection has been executed.

TIP: If you have a specific deadline for when the lift needs to be ready and in service, please make sure to communicate this clearly early on. This allows them to plan ahead for the safety check and inspection.

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Regular lift maintenance is a must to keep your lift safe and in good working order.

It is also a prerequisite for our manufacturer’s warranty. Provided that your lift receives regular service and cleaning, it can have a lifetime of up to 25-30 years. The lifespan of your lift is also important from a sustainability perspective. That is why we always advise you to sign a maintenance contract for your lift.

Service & Lift Maintenance

We are certified to maintain our lifts and will advise you on how often your lift needs service. Visit our Services & Lift Maintenance page to learn more.